Creative center KreativNice

In the immediate vicinity of the former Hat making Factory Šešir is a creative center KreativNice. It is an exhibition and creative space that represents the rich heritage of the textile industry in Škofja Loka and promotes creativity and co-working space for creative community and industry. At the same time, it intertwines with the identity of the local community, which is strongly connected with creativity and industry. It promotes and raises interest for these knowledges with young people.

KreativNice are led by the principle "past for the future". With the innovative presentation of the heritage of textile industries in the exhibition space, we create a context and tell the story of the contemporary creation of textile creators and their connection with industry.

In KreativNice we create a successful dynamic and inspiring working environment and a polygon for the innovative development of new textile products by local creative community. It provides educational programs for different target groups and tourist programs. We will host various pop-up shops, artists and creators. The exhibition part of the space is dedicated to the innovative presentation and promotion of the textile industry tradition and contemporary creativity that is present in the local environment.

Spodnji trg 40, Škofja Loka, Slovenia
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KreativNice are result of the InduCult 2.0 project implemented by BSC Kranj in the international partnership. In cooperation with the BSC Kranj and the Municipality of Škofja Loka, the creative center is managed by the Development Agency Sora, the Art&Craft Center of Škofja Loka. The visual image of KreativNice was designed by Lili Panjtar, LilaStudio.

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