Art and Craft Centre of Škofja Loka

In love with creativity

In the Škofja Loka area and wider, in the Gorenjska region, craftsmanship has an old and rich tradition. Craftsmanship has always been highly developed in both rural and urban areas, the latter being inhabited mostly by merchants and craftsmen. The system of guilds left a significant mark on economic, cultural and social life of the Škofja Loka area in the period after the mid-15th century. As early as in the Middle Ages, Škofja Loka became the administrative and craft-and-trade centre of the entire Škofja Loka territory and due to handicraft one of the most developed towns in the Slovenian area.

Nowadays, the Art and Craft Centre of Škofja Loka is where the rich past of craftsmanship and contemporary creativity intertwine. Its main mission is to preserve rich handicraft tradition in the Gorenjska region, transfer handicraft skills to younger generations and also to upgrade and modernize these skills.

In the heart of the medieval town, where the Art and Craft Centre of Škofja Loka is situated, you can experience rich expertise, collaboration, events and aesthetics. You can visit our exhibitions and purchase handcrafted masterpieces, all certified with a superior quality certificate Art & Craft Slovenia and sold in accordance with the fair-trade principles. You may take part in various handicraft workshops and courses, awakening your own creativity and craftsmanship skills. Moreover, if you are lucky, you may observe one of our local master craftsmen at work.