Škofja Loka Museum

Preserving past for the future

Škofja Loka Museum is located in Loka Castle, which dominates the town with its greatness. Rich museum collections bear witness to the history and modernity of the territory along the Selška Sora and Poljanska Sora rivers that once formed the Loka dominion owned by the bishops of Freising, Bavaria (973–1803).

Archaeological, historical, ethnological, cultural history, art history, natural science and sports collections and the open air museum present the cultural heritage of the Škofja Loka area and at the same time place it in wider Slovenian and European context.

We also pay attention to the exhibition activities – in the castle, there is the Castle Gallery, on Town Square in Škofja Loka, you will find the Ivan Grohar Gallery, and on Lower Square, in the medieval granary, the Franc Mihelič Gallery. Our collections can also be seen in Cankar BattalionHouse in Dražgoše and in Tavčar Manor in Visoko in the Poljane Valley.

We understand museum as a meeting place for different generations and a lively cultural and educational centre; therefore, we invite you to participate in numerous activities throughout the whole year: public guides, lectures, conversations with artists and other interesting individuals, study circles, workshops for adults and children ...