The Visoko Chronicle – Tavčar Manor

There are few places and houses in the world to be praised in high literature. However, the Visoko Manor in the Poljane Valley is one of them, it boasts of the novel the Visoko Chronicle. In 1919, the novel was published by the writer Ivan Tavčar, who bought the Visoko Manor in 1895. The Manor was first mentioned in the Škofja Loka land register from 1291, when there were three oxgangs. In 1651, they were bought by Filip Kalan (1628–1703). After that, the homestead was managed by eleven owners from the Kalan family. In the 19th century, Janez Kalan completed the homestead and gave it the today’s look. The fate of the Kalans in Visoko ended with Ana Kalan, married Hafner. Tavčar bought the estate and organized it according to his needs, he even had a tennis court. For his last resting place, he had a family tomb made above the homestead, on the edge of the forest. Because of the tragic end of both the Kalan and Tavčar families – they both ended with suicide – and because of the abandoned state of the manor in recent decades, some have speculated that it was bewitched. The Municipality of Gorenja vas - Poljane, now the owner of the manor, under the leadership of Mayor Milan Čadež strives to breathe new life into the manor, and in it has already shown some great results.