Šubic House in Poljane

Its original name was Štefan House. It was named after Štefan Šubic (1820–1884), artisan who came from the nearby village of Hotovlja and obtained the house by marriage in 1844, later he even enlarged it. His sons Janez (1850–1889) and Jurij (1855–1890) were born in this house. They elevated the artistic gift of the Šubic dynasty to the highest level and won recognition from the European art scene. They stayed in contact with their father via letters all the time. Their brother Valentin (1859–1927) stayed at home, but after traditional artisanry lost its popularity, he ran out of orders and closed the workshop. In 2001, the Municipality of Gorenja vas - Poljane bought the house in order for it to become the cultural centre of Poljane. In the heart of the Poljane Valley, it is slowly gaining the same central role as Loka Castle has in Škofja Loka, Plavec House (Železniki Museum) in Železniki or Old School (Žiri Museum) in Žiri. In addition to the museum collection, which reminds us of the original owners, the Šubic House also offers workshops to boost cultural creativity. It hosts numerous events and creative workshops for various audiences.