Šubic House

Find creative inspiration in the Poljane Valley

The world-renowned artists Janez and Jurij Šubic have left a great mark on the Poljane Valley. Jurij's works of art adorn even the Schliemann's palace in Athens. We invite you to visit their birth house in the Poljane Valley, where the procedures of painting, carving and gilding will be presented to you in an interesting way. Thus, you will be able to directly experience the art of the Slovenia’s most renowned artistic family.

In the house you will come across countless stories that are written in over a thousand impressive letters and allow you to feel the Šubic family flow of life, their work and mutual relationships. Take a walk through the beautiful rooms and surely in each one you will find something that will especially impress you. The smell of homemade sausage coming from the black kitchen will take you over, and don’t forget that sausages are really excellent in the Poljane Valley.

In addition to touring the house and seeing its interesting contents, you can try your hand at woodcarving and drawing caricatures or test your skills through other creative workshops the house offers.

In a small shop, the artwork and souvenirs created by our skilful artists and craftsmen will impress you. They are definitely a wonderful gift for you and your loved ones.

We will welcome you open-handedly and make sure you experience the creative spirit of the Poljane Valley with us.