Little bread – lots of love

In the 18th century, in Škofja Loka, nuns of the order of Saint Clare began to make a honey pastry called little bread. By the end of the century, little honey bread spread amongst the wider population. Since then, its ingredients remain the same – flour, honey and various spices. This honey pastry has always symbolized love and abundance. In the past, little honey bread was baked on church and personal feast days, it was indispensable at weddings and considered symbol of love. Today, it is also baked on other occasions. With its ingredients, it is basically imperishable and it is a healthy everyday snack.

The tradition of little bread making is being continued today by the masters craftswomen. Little bread is made in two ways: in Škofja Loka, to make the so-called Škofja Loka little bread, honey dough is shaped in hand-carved wooden moulds, while in Železniki and Dražgoše, the Dražgoše honey bread is entirely handmade ...