Family guide to cultural heritage trails

Do you like to travel around and explore? Do you like to listen to interesting stories and uncover life as it once was? Do you enjoy brainteasers, testing your manual skills and being creative?

Visit the Škofja Loka area – a place of creative inspiration and rich cultural heritage.

For you, we widely open the doors of the Škofja Loka Museum, Art and Craft Centre of Škofja Loka, Železniki Museum, Šubic House in Poljane and Žiri Museum. Interesting stories, challenges and adventures are waiting for you.

While visiting our cultural institutions, gather five stamps in your booklet. On each location, find a plate with a particular symbol and print it on the designated page of your booklet.

With gathered stamps, come to reception desk of one of the institutions and you will receive a souvenir of your Škofja Loka area cultural experience.

Welcome to the land of endless stories!

Škofja Loka Museum

Preserving past for the future

From the old town centre of Škofja Loka, a path leads to the Škofja Loka Museum in Loka Castle that has stood sentinel over Škofja Loka for centuries. Are you interested in what is hidden behind thick castle walls? Borrow Koki’s backpack; inside, you will find tips for exploring hidden spots of the castle and its rich museum collections. Through these collections, learn about the origin of Škofja Loka and its castles, the townsmen and craftsmen, hard times during wars, artists who found their inspiration here, the oldest settlements in the Škofja Loka area, notable individuals from Škofja Loka and about many other things. After visiting the museum, enjoy a pleasant walk along the avenue of lime trees in the castle park and visit Škopar House, mill and traditional Slovenian hayrack (kozolec)., FB: Loški muzej Škofja Loka
T: +386 (0)4 517 04 00, E:

Opening times

1 May to 31 October

Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–18.00

June to September also

Monday: 10.00–18.00

2 November to 30 April

Tuesday–Sunday: 10.00–17.00


only at weekends: 10.00–17.00

Art&Craft Centre of Škofja Loka

In love with creativity

Master craftsmen have always been present in the old town centre of Škofja Loka. Today, it’s where you will find the Art and Craft Centre of Škofja Loka. This is the place where the rich past of craftsmanship and contemporary creativity intertwine. The work of local master craftsmen has always been characterized by the use of natural materials, high quality and usability of the products. Visit handicraft exhibitions and get to know their work. At handicraft workshops, you can also create a souvenir, a gift or a healthy snack on your own! In the area, since the 18th century, the Škofja Loka little honey bread has been made by hand or in models. Into a wooden model, which is carefully carved by the master of carving with her chisels, they press honey dough and bake little bread. Awaken your creativity and try your hand at making models or baking little bread under the guidance of master craftsman! | FB: Art&Craft Centre of Škofja Loka
T: +386 (0)4 511 24 60, E:

Opening times

Monday: 10.00–15.00

Tuesday–Friday: 10.00–18.00

Saturday: 9.00–13.00

Prior arrangement is required for creative handicraft workshops.

Železniki Museum

Selca Valley – where you are the architect of your own fortune

In Železniki, the ironworks was the dominant economic industry for half a millennium. The town was known for forging nails and other products. A good reminder of that is a blast furnace for melting iron ore in the old part of town. More stories await you in the Železniki Museum, located in the immediate vicinity of the blast furnace. There you can find out more about the development of the ironworks industry and get acquainted with other industries closely related to the ironworks (charcoal burning, barrel-making, sawmilling), and also with the development of associations, period of the Second World War in the Selca Valley and with compatriots of the area.

Bobbin lacemaking has had a great impact on towns and villages in the Selca Valley. Bobbin lace collection of the Železniki Museum gives you an opportunity to try your handicraft skills and make a bracelet. All you have to do is cross and twist the bobbins.

Have a little sit down in front of the blast furnace, an important monument of technical heritage in Slovenia.

Be the architect of your own fortune, swing a hammer and forge yourself a nail! | FB: Muzej Železniki
T: +386 (0)4 514 73 56 | E:

Opening times

1 April to 30 September

Tuesday, Wednesday: 9.00–15.00

Thursday, Friday: 9.00–17.00

Saturday: 9.00–15.00

July and August also

Saturday: 9.00–17.00

Sunday: 13.00–17.00

1 October to 31 March

Tuesday–Saturday: 9.00–15.00

Prior arrangement is required for forging nails.

Šubic House

Find creative inspiration in the Poljane Valley

Under the slopes of the mighty Mount Blegoš, the Poljane Valley spreads out. Filled with greenery and homesteads, the valley is a place for those who love tradition, nature and warmth of human closeness. Numerous artists – writers, poets, painters, sculptors and folk artisans – have found here their creative inspiration.

Šubic House in Poljane, birthplace of painters Janez and Jurij Šubic, is where a well-known artisan workshop used to operate. Today, through stories from the Šubic family letters, we present to you their life and work. Furthermore, we have prepared various workshops to boost your creativity.

Artistic procedures of painting, carving and gilding will be carefully demonstrated to you. Then, grab a brush or a chisel and become an apprentice in artisan workshop. Besides the Šubics, get to know other notable individuals from the Poljane Valley through caricature sketching. | FB: Šubičeva hiša
T: +386 (0)59 250 549, +386 (0)31 720 573, E:

Opening times

Thursday, Friday: 10.00–16.00

Saturday: 10.00–13.00 and

by prior arrangement

Prior arrangement is required for caricature workshop.

Žiri Museum

Put your shoes on and step towards new discoveries

On the edge of the Škofja Loka area lays a town named Žiri. Military fortifications around the Žiri Basin bear witness to the fact that Žiri used to be a border town.

Are you interested in life along the Rapallo border between the World Wars, rich shoemaking tradition that continues today in the Alpina shoe factory, and more than hundred successful years of lacemaking school where numerous boys and girls learned bobbin lacemaking? Visit the Žiri Museum and discover the town’s rich history!

Make your own bobbin lace souvenir, or put your shoes on and step towards new discoveries by visiting the military fortifications. | FB: Muzej Žiri
T: +386 (0)31 532 798 | E:

Opening times

Sunday: 15.00–18.00

and by prior arrangement